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License #67517. Fully Insured.
License #67517. Fully Insured.
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Thank you for visiting the website of Rhythm Builders, LLC. I'm Brian Burke, the Owner/President of the company. I've been in the construction business for 21 years. My company is licensed in the State of Tennessee. We are also fully insured. Since getting my business license in October of 2013, most of my projects have been renovations. I've done several additions including one $300,000 project that included a garage, a high end master bath and bedroom, and a high end kitchen with appliance tower, Island and granite countertops. Three times last year I was slated to build horizontal property regime (HPRs), custom homes for Developers with construction values of $300,000-$500,000. But in all 3 instances the Developers flipped the properties for much greater profits than if they had built and sold them. My niche in construction is objectively matching my expertise with the potential client's need regardless of the size of scope of project.

Brian Burke, Nashville General Contractor

Every client that finds my cell number calls me excited and exuberant about their impending construction project. My goal is to keep that enthusiasm stoked throughout the project. Excellent General Contractors avoid overcommitting on schedule, don't ask their Owners for more money because they missed something on the estimate and they get that last 1% just right for for quality sake.

Communication is the absolute most important key to a successful construction project. I consider this my strength. I've developed several tools that are proprietary, but keep my Clients more than satisfied with my communication. And if I'm selected as your General Contractor, I will be glad to share estimate detail with you.

Most recently I've completed projects on 80, 65, 42 and 100 year old homes. One project required the demolition of an entire floor system...one 48 foot long center beam and 72 joists, while the second floor needed support bracing. This required heavy skill and coordination between Engineer, General Contractor and the Framing Subcontractor. We were successful and our client is very happy. I really enjoy historic renovations and generally taking something that was once beautiful and restoring it to a greater grandeur.

In January of 2017, I was told by my new client before he closed on his house, "that if you can't repair this porch instead of rebuilding it for 4 times the cost of repairing it, I won't be able to afford the mortgage". The extremely large 5 foot high concrete porch had sagged away from the house by 4 inches leaving a very large gap above the top windows. It had 4 very large 18 foot high pillars. I began working with my Engineer on a strategy. We were able to complete the project without being able to tell the porch had ever had a problem. We saved the owner $22,000 and they now live in their "dream home". I haven't met a client yet that wrote me a blank check. No matter the size of the project, I work hard to help my clients get under budget.

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Rhythm Builders provides general contracting, design, remodeling and build construction management to the greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.

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