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License #67517. Fully Insured.
License #67517. Fully Insured.
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Yes, integrity is a service that needs to be performed every day. And this also answers the question, "What is most important to us as a General Contractor?" We like to think of General Contracting as a profession. And in a profession, integrity is the most important issue for Owners who will entrust us with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Please feel free to ask for our References.

We also engage with an accounting firm that helps us efficiently manage our Client's construction accounting.


To date, we have had six Clients where we have lost the projects to another General Contractor with a lower estimate, only to receive a call back not long after because the Clients realized they had been "low-balled" by the General Contractor with the lower estimate.

A correct and properly scoped estimate is the most important component of the construction process. So, we talk about "capturing the scope" of a project in our every day construction conversations. When we receive a new set of plans to estimate, we try to keep our Clients safe by seeing and thinking three dimensionally, as not to miss a budget items behind the walls, in the crawl spaces or underground. With other business people less experienced or less integrous, these items can be inadvertently or conveniently missed causing consternation in the minds of the their client because of the newest change order for which their client is being required to pay.


Good communication in any relationship is imperative for that relationship to thrive and be sustained. There is no greater truth than this in a construction relationship between a General Contractor and their Client. So, our Clients are provided the following:

  • A line item estimate on the front end for their convenience. This estimate will not only have what is included with their project, but also what is excluded for clarity.
  • We have ongoing "Group Text Chats" with our Clients were sometimes we are communicating on a daily basis.
  • We ask our Clients to fill out a Material Worksheet on the front end of a new project so that we stay ahead on the ordering of needed finish items.
  • And we provide our Client Weekly Updates on scheduled subcontractor work and material supply chain activity.
  • We like to say that our two goals in our business are to provide for our families and have a great relationship with our Clients at the end of a project. Good communication is a key to these goals. Again, feel free to ask for our Reference List to corroborate and verify.

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